Quantity Surveying

Expert depreciation strategies for your investment.

What is quantity surveying?

Quantity Surveyors are qualified professionals who are specialists in estimating the construction costs of a property. This costing is essential to calculate the depreciation of items. As a property gets older, the items in the property depreciate in value as they wear out.

The ATO governs legislation that gives owners the opportunity to claim a tax deduction for the wear and tear on the property. This is tax depreciation.

What is quantity surveying?

BMT Tax Depreciation Quantity Surveyors

At Chase Wealth Australia, we engage BMT to complete independent depreciation schedules pertaining to each investment property for yours and your accountant’s tax minimisation requirements.

BMT Tax Depreciation Quantity Surveyors are the largest and most successful tax depreciation company in Australia. They specialise in ATO compliant tax depreciation schedules for residential and commercial investment properties

BMT’s Quantity Surveryors will put together a tax depreciation
schedule that have many benefits:

Areas we can help

Navigate the complexities of the investment world with our tailored strategies, ensuring the best returns for your portfolio growth.
Turn tax obligations into financial opportunities with our expert strategies designed to make your tax dollars work for you.
Unlock financial peace of mind with bespoke strategies aimed at growing and protecting your wealth for now and the future.
Stay informed and in control with our dedicated portfolio management, providing regular updates and re-strategising options.
Leverage our expertise in quantity surveying to ensure accurate construction cost estimations for maximised tax depreciation.