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We engage BMT to complete independent depreciation schedules pertaining to each investment property for yours and your accountants tax minimisation requirements.  

BMT Tax Depreciation Quantity Surveyors are the largest and most successful tax depreciation company in Australia. They specialise in ATO compliant tax depreciation schedules for residential and commercial investment properties.

When a property gets older the items in the property depreciate in value as they wear out. The ATO governs legislation that gives owners the opportunity to claim a tax deduction for the wear and tear on the property; this is tax depreciation. 

Quantity Surveryors are qualified professionals who are specialists in estimating construction costs of a property, this costing is essential to calculate the depreciation of items. 

BMT's Quantity Surveryors will put together a tax depreciation schedule that have many benefits: 

  • Larger tax return amounts from deductions

  • Ability to reclaim any missed deductions from the past

  • Provides a 40 year lifetime schedule for your property 

  • A return on the fee for the schedule if you do not make double the fee in the first financial year









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