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We have a team of property managers that will ensure all aspects of your investment property is handled professionally. 

They will liase with tenants, builders, maintenance, Body Corporate and local councils to guarantee the property is managed seamlessly and any of these stresses are taken care of for you. 

So why invest in property?

​It is arguably THE most effective and safest way to invest.


​By making the decision to invest in property, you are securing your financial future.  The benefits are endless, however these are the main ones that stand out to our team:


  • Property is financeable.  What other investment can you walk into a bank and request a loan for?   And the best part?  If structured right, your tax dollars and other people will be paying your loan for you!

  • Property becomes leverageable; and it increases your borrowing power.

  • Major tax benefits.  Who wants to pay more tax?  Again, with the right structure, you can achieve benefits through:


  1. Negative gearing

  2. Depreciation

  3. Capital gains tax

Property is flexible.  Depending on your situation, you may prefer to focus on one or all of the following:


  • Capital growth

  • Positive cash flow through high rental yields

  • You can add value fast through capital improvements

  • Investment properties are available for every budget

Property is safe. With over 100,000 residents migrating to VIC alone annually, we need housing!  On average in Australia, the property market has increased 11.4% pa since 1926.


And the best part?  Property can be passed to your kids.







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